Wayne Steele, Entertainment / Publicity Director asked me to remind everyone the deadline to submit nominations for this year's Steele County Fair Livestock Hall of Fame is May 1, 2023. Inductees into the Steele County Free Fair will be recognized on Tuesday August 15, 2023 at 2:00 p.m. in the livestock show arena. Nomination forms are available at the fair office or online at www.scff.org.

There are two different types of awards. "The first is the Hall of Fame membership. Nominees' maybe an individual or husband/wife team that meet the following criteria; Nominees are judged on their impact or influence upon the livestock industry-county, state, and national, their leadership in the livestock industry, and other relevant contributions with county being a priority."

Then the other type is the Hall of Fame Service award. "These nominees are to be individuals that grew up or live in Steele County and went on to do outstanding work in the livestock industry outside of the county. State and national contributions are the priority for this award." If you have questions reach out to Wayne Steele with the Steele County Free Fair.

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