You saw it first on websites, then on pamphlets in the restaurants, then, finally, on the menus. Now Kwik Trip is doing it, too. A huge change for them, and one that may hurt business. They're now showing their hot food calorie counts right there on the food cards in The Hot Spot.

I love it. I might know a double cheeseburger isn't the best choice or is a great choice, but not with a chicken sandwich, a couple egg rolls, a couple cheese stuffed breadsticks, and a NAKED Strawberry/Banana Smoothie (1,760 calories total).

Is it lame I need a li'l help controlling my intake? Maybe. But I do, and seeing the calorie count makes a huge difference in my decision making. Which is why I think it may cost Kwik Trip some money.

It is so easy to grab something, eat it, and not think about the calories. But when you know the wildly delicious 1/4 lb Angus Cheeseburger on Pretzel Roll has 720 calories and 910mg of sodium, you may still buy it, but you're more likely to grab an apple to go with it. Maybe a li'l veggie tray to give your body some love.

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