Today fifteen agricultural organizations signed and delivered a letter to Governor Mark Dayton "urgently" requesting the passage of legislation that would provide farmers with a tax credit for land taken out of production to comply with the Minnesota Buffer Law. Earlier this week I first learned of the Buffer Law tax credit bill. It had bipartisan support and Governor Dayton voiced his support publicly for the bill. He has since backed away from his position.

This afternoon Kirby Hettver President of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association told me the issue appears to be where the funds come from for the $50 an acre tax credit. The original proposal was to use funds from the Clean Water Legacy Fund. However, Governor Dayton would like to use money from the general fund. "Farmers throughout Minnesota have made great efforts to comply with the buffer law, as demonstrated by the near 100 percent compliance with the law. It is now time for Governor Dayton and legislators to do their part by providing much needed compensation for the loss of productive farm land," Hettver said.

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