A big trend right now among dog owners is feeding their best friend a grain-free dog food. It's been said that grain-free dog food is good for your dog but it could be the exact opposite.

Veterinarians and the FDA are investigating if grain-free dog food is increasing the chance of your dog developing a heart disease called dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), reports WCCO.

Dogs that eat these grain-free dog foods could develop a taurine deficiency, which is an essential amino acid. Veterinarians and the FDA don't think it's the grain-free part though that's causing this heart disease and the taurine deficiency, it's what companies are using to replace the grains.

WCCO reports that veterinary nutritionist Dr. Julie Churchill, from the University of Minnesota, "along with nationwide studies at the University of California at Davis and Tufts University have a working theory" that it's not the lack of grains but the "sweet potatoes, pea, and other legumes might be stripping a dog’s ability to absorb the taurine."

The symptoms of DCM are coughing, fainting, and fatigue. Unfortunately, some dogs show no symptoms.

If you think something may be wrong with your dog, talk with your vet.


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