Incumbent Minnesota House District 24B State Representative Brian Daniels and challenger Ashley Martinez-Perez discussed some issues on the KDHL AM Minnesota Program today.

Daniels (IR) is hoping to retain his seat for a 4th term while it's the first venture into politics for Martinez-Perez (DFL).

Daniels pointed out there are still things to learn even after 6 years at the state capitol.  Martinez-Perez told listeners she loves the Faribault area and wants to represent the people of the region in St. Paul.

Martinez-Perez did point to a vote Daniels made concerning driver's licenses.  Daniels explained the bill made it easier for "illegal immigrants to obtain a license" and he believes a driver's license is a "privilege" that should not be available to someone in the country illegally.

Martinez-Perez replied, "I understand that they came here illegally.  I understand that, but you know we have to understand their reasons also. They were probably escaping violence.  You know they probably didn't probably want to become like other people that stay behind and join gangs and stuff.  But I mean these people are afraid. You know they're scared every time.  They're scared to go outside of their house."

"And you know I feel that if we do give them a driver's license they have to do the proper steps.  Becoming a  U.S. citizen or  becoming a citizen here isn't that simple.  Immigrants pay thousands of dollars.  Maybe, $30,000 dollars just to be able to stay here in the United States.  Sometimes they get denied and they pay all that money and they get denied and get sent back to Mexico."  Martinez-Perez went on to say, "Some of these immigrants have spent more than 30 years here without a driver's license bu they drive."

The Minnesota House District 24B candidates says, "I think what they wanna do is, they don't want to break the law.  They want to obey the law and I think that is something that should be respected right?  I mean we should all respect the law and obey by it because that's why we have laws and I feel that they want to respect it as much as we do."

If you didn't get the chance to listen to the program the audio is included below.


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