Late last night it was announced that General Mills is now selling a new cereal called Morning Summit for a whopping $13 a box. I think that's an insane price point! There are so many other cereals to choose from that cost much less than that.

Bring Me the News writes, however, that "General Mills is banking on Morning Summit attracting health-conscious customers. (Wealthy, too, we imagine.)" That's the thing about this cereal that really has me torn, it's a healthy cereal, and there's not a ton of options when you're looking for a cereal that's actually healthy for you, not just claiming to be healthy.

The first ingredient in Morning Summit is almonds. The other ingredients are "cereal flakes made with whole grains (providing 1/3 of daily recommended amount), dried cherries, dried cranberries, and pumpkin seeds." There have to be a few other ingredients (that list is from Bring Me the News) because on the box it says it's a "lightly sweetened maple berry blend cereal." But either way, the ingredients list looks promising for those looking for a healthy cereal option.

But let's not forget that it's being sold for $13 a box! You can get almost any burger at a nice restaurant for the same price or less!

Of course, it's up to you to decide if you want to spend your money on an expensive box of cereal but I think I'll be spending my money elsewhere.

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