The Federal Trade Commission is warning of a new robocall scam that has scammers posing as officials from two companies we know and love.

The scam works a few different ways, with scammers posing as an official from Apple or Amazon each time. Here are the few different ways the scam operates:

  • First, you will receive a message from a scammer pretending to be Amazon, saying that there is something wrong with your account. The "thing" that is wrong with your account varies from a suspicious purchase to an order that can no longer be fulfilled.
  • In the second version of the scam, scammers leave a message posing as Apple, saying that something suspicious is happening with your iCloud account.

So what happens next? According to a press release from the Federal Trade Commission, scammers will ask you to press 1 to speak with someone and deal with the situation. They may also give you a phone number to call to get everything sorted out.

We all know what happens next: the scammers will try to get your personal information, whether it be from your Amazon account or your Apple iCloud account. Both of these accounts require you to enter banking information when making a purchase so it is especially important not to fall for these scams.

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As always, if you think there is something wrong with your Amazon and / or Apple account, contact those companies directly.

Scams have been making headlines quite a bit lately so be extra cautious and always take some time to look into the problem yourself to save you a headache in the future.

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