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Apple unveiled its plans for the year at WWDC 2022, including additions and tweaks to its iOS system coming out in the fall.

Apple Holds Annual Worldwide Developers Conference
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The star of the show? Changes to iMessage will undoubtedly cause significant chaos. Starting this fall, Apple will allow iMessage users to edit and delete their messages after they have been sent.

Similar to Instagram DMs and Facebook Messenger, you can send that bad decision text and get rid of it the next morning....when you have a clear head.

Now, with great power comes great responsibility...and greater toxicity. Gaslighting is about to be taken to astronomical levels, as well as the group chats discussing it. So many things will inevitably change with this new update. Let's dive into just some of the potential issues with iOS 16.

First, the obvious reason: the pure toxicity. If you're already in a not-so-good relationship, the texting arguments will be that much worse. You can not only delete, but you can also edit. You can delete and edit the message within 15 minutes to edit a text after you send it. If you're already worried about what your partner is doing everywhere else, your text message thread will be the most explosive tell.

Priscilla Du Preez
Priscilla Du Preez

Instagram and Facebook already have the 'delete message' option in their messengers. The thing with those platforms is that it notifies the recipient that you unsent a message. There's no word yet if Apple will do the same thing if someone unsends a message to you.

Those inappropriate texts you get from people you shouldn't be getting texts from? This update just made it easier for them. You now have to be lightning-fast with the screenshot buttons, even more so than before.

Gaslighting is something that is making this new update not so popular on the internet. Almost all the opinions on this are not good. Say you get in an argument with someone, and they send something awful or incriminating, and they delete it. They can amplify the 'I never said that' argument.

There's also the instance in which you are maybe not speaking so highly of someone that you are friends with or friendly with. You send that text of the person you're talking about...to that exact person. We've all done it. Still toxic, though.

Again, this update won't be coming out until this fall. The texting game will be forever changed. The question is: will it change for the better or for the worse?

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