There is a new scam on the rise and this time, the Federal Trade Commission is involved.

According to a press release from the FTC's website, scammers are now impersonating them, sending threatening letters to consumers.

Scammers are taking letterhead and making it look like that of the FTC. From there, they are targeting random customers and threatening them, saying they are being suspected of money laundering and terrorism. The letters also state that the victim's actions are "under review."

The FTC says this is probably just the first part of a scam, with a second part likely involving phone calls asking victims to send money.

Keep in mind that the FTC will never threaten you, write you a letter like the one mentioned above, ask for your personal information or demand money in any way, shape or form.

Recently, the BBB warned of a scam, known as the Secret Sister scam. Here, scammers target women on the internet.

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