More Money Coming To Your Paycheck
New tax tables go into effect this year as part of the tax reform bill. The withholding tables tell employers how much money to pull out of your checks. 90% of people should see their take-home pay go up under the new guidelines.
Free Estate Planning Workshop Details on AM Minnesota
Faribault Bethlehem Academy Administrator Franz Boelter stops by the KDHL Studio for AM Minnesota at 9:30 this morning.
We will talk about an upcoming free financial planning event next weekend at Bethlehem Academy.
Estate and retirement planning will be discussed, and much of it can be very conf…
Should Minnesota Legislators Make More Money?
Last election Minnesotans voted for a constitutional amendment taking the power to increase lawmaker salaries away from the lawmakers.
A citizen's commission that people volunteer to sit on is making the determination now, and even former Minnesota lawmakers can't agree on whether a raise i…
TCF To Have ATMs In Only 10 Cub Stores
TCF Financial announced that they are closing branch offices in 10 Cub Foods stores and instead will have only ATMs in those locations. They recently extended their contract with Supervalu, the parent of Cub, to be in the stores through 2021...
Agriculture Property Taxes Due Tuesday
I know all farmers have been busy and some are still finishing up tillage. I drove out to the farm Sunday afternoon and did not see one field of corn left to be harvested. There is some dry fertilizer being applied, and I did see a couple of anhydrous ammonia nurse tanks being pulled down the road..…

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