I am constantly amazed by the staying power that the Disney movie Frozen has maintained since it hit theatrical release in November 2013. Despite the surprise "bad guy" twist that some people were upset about in a Disney movie, it continues to sell on DVD and through tons of merchandise. Believe me, my granddaughters have amassed a huge collection of Frozen-related toys, stickers, clothing, coloring books and whatever else that's available. Of course, some of that might be Grandma and Grandpa's doing. That movie gets watched at least once, if not more times, each day at my house. I still watch and enjoy it because now my grandkids all sing and dance along with it. They've even taken to acting out some of the scenes between the two sisters, I've even had to play the part of Anna or Elsa on occasion.

With that in mind, and knowing my family isn't the only one with little kids obsessed with the adventures of Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf, I recently came across a great event hosted by the McKinley Early Childhood Center this evening, January 23, at the Faribault Middle School that I thought I would share with you. Anna, Elsa and Olaf will be there for this January Frozen Event, an evening of storytelling, singing and fun from 5:30-7:30PM. Find out more on their Facebook page. Then get ready for a night of fun with your favorite frozen characters.

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