On Saturday I was out to the farm hauling corn. As I drove out, I noticed a lot of the snow had melted. The potholes in the fields had water standing in them and the rivers and drainage ditches were flowing. In addition the yard and driveway were sloppy on top. At  least it was not soft so the frost is still in the ground, but it is likely not very deep. It sure seemed like a March day in Minnesota and not January.

Do not misunderstand, I am not complaining about the warmer than normal weather. There was one Saturday last year I was hauling corn and it was 20 degrees below zero. I would rather have a sloppy driveway! On the other hand, I hope we do still get some really cold weather this winter. Really low soil temperatures can kill some of the insects that are overwintering in the soil. That will decrease some of the insect pressure next spring and summer.

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