Friday, June 2, is your last chance to try to milk the KDHL Cash Cow for $1,000. Just listen each day for the code words -- one in the morning at 7:30, one in the afternoon around 3:30. Then log on to the contest at and enter in the code words and you could win. No code words will be announced on Memorial Day.

Most people think, I'll never win. That's what KDHL listener Ruth Taylor thought until she won $1,000.

What would you do with your $1,000? Usually most people want to put some money toward bills or toward a down payment maybe on a new or newer vehicle. What else would you do? Take some people out for dinner or to a show? Put it toward a trip? There are many things that you could do. Maybe give a bit to your favorite charity?

Kelly has some ideas on how she would spend it.

So keep listening for those code words and getting them entered and you might just win.

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