Dennis Luebbe, Rice County Highway Engineer told the Board of Commissioners at their meeting Tuesday Wells Township recently received a state grant.

The grant came from the state park road account.  Luebbe says, "To upgrade the intersection at 175th Street West and 177th Street West.  The access down to the French Lake public boat launch.  The township received $342,000 to improve that road under the auspices of that program."

There were three bids submitted for the project with the low bid from Crane Creek Asphalt of Faribault for $285,447.28.

Luebbe added, "There is no net impact to the county for this project.  We will recoop our costs and the grant will pay for the construction."

Luebbe told KDHL/POWER 96  total roadway to be upgraded is about a mile up to the French Lake Public Access.  He hoped they would be finished by the end of October and said they should not have to close the road for any period during the project.

The Rice County Board of Commissioners conducted a closed session for several minutes to discuss County Road 76 Right of Way Negotiations.

After the closed session they announced they would be continuing their negotiations.

Do you remember this?

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