It's hard to imagine the Minnesota State Fair not breaking their overall attendance record. Year after year, more and more people walk through the gate, and usually the Saturday of Labor Day weekend is when the daily attendance record gets set.

But this year might be a different story.

With unseasonably cooler temperatures and a couple days of rain showers, the Minnesota State Fair is on track to miss last year's total by almost 48,000 people.

The record for overall attendance was set in 2018, and 2,046,533 people came through the gates at the Great Minnesota Get Together.

For 2019 they are projecting the total to be around 1,998,620 based on patterns observed over the years.

Now this is just a prediction, nothing is set in stone, and with sunshine, blue skies, and highs set in the low 70's throughout Labor Day weekend, 2018's record could be shattered completely.

You just never know what could happen at the Minnesota State Fair! My advice if you plan to go this weekend, get there early! With weather like that, the place will fill up fast. I know my game plan is to be in and out of there between 7 am and 11 am.

Happy Minnesota State Fair Season! It's the most wonderful time of the year, especially with the potential for some extra elbow room!


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