The Minnesota State Fair is almost here, so you know I've been planning out what I'll be eating when I go. I'm a big state fair fan. I'm all about the 4-H projects and seeing all the animals, but obviously trying the food and beer is a must. Some of the most iconic foods at the fair are foods on a stick.

Some of the foods on a stick that I have to get every year at the fair are a pronto pup and a deep-fried Snickers bar. So good! But there are tons and tons of 'food on a stick' options at the fair, including some new ones. Keep scrolling to check them all out!

And after we drool all over the foods on a stick, below that are all of the new foods hitting the fair this year.

69 Foods On a Stick You Can Get at the Minnesota State Fair in 2022

The Minnesota State Fair is fast approaching! Plan out your trip and take a look at the foods on a stick that you can find at the Great Minnesota Get-Together in 2022.

Check Out The New Foods at This Year's Minnesota State Fair

These new food offerings will be making their State Fair debut later this summer here in Minnesota!

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