Meet Samantha Ramsdell, she has the largest mouth in the world amongst all females.

Yes, this Connecticut woman now holds the Guinness World Record for the largest mouth, as a female.

If you're wondering how large her mouth is, it reportedly measures 2.56 inches from top to bottom when she opens it all the way.


Ms. Ramsdell is quite aware of her large mouth and she has used it to her advantage to become "social media famous." She's posted several videos on TikTok and her following seems to resemble the size of her mouth---LARGE.

She says that the size of her mouth is her biggest asset and she encourages anyone with a slight difference to embrace what they have been blessed with.


As you will see in the video below, Ms. Ramsdell often challenges herself to put things in her mouth like fruit, french fries, and even a small burger. She's got that talent/gift, so enjoy.

Disclaimer, please never try this at home. Shoving things as such into your mouth can be dangerous.



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