I've noticed a trend over the years. February is the month when people are the crabbiest in Minnesota. I don't know if there is scientific research on this or not, but there definitely should be.

Ask anybody in customer service, and they would likely agree. There are more people complaining, people shaming others, and just bad vibes going on in February. Why?

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I think I at least know several reasons why this is happening, which I'll lay out. Do you agree? Do you think there's an explanation I missed? Let me know. Politely if you could?

It's meant to be all in good fun, so try to have a laugh. Be kind to your neighbors. Remember that behind every social media account is a real person. Just be nice.

9 Reasons Minnesotans Are Crabby In February

Do you feel like people are crabbier in February? It seems like that way. Businesses get more complaints. People are rude. Everyone telling everyone else to "do better." Ugh. I think I know what's up with the crabbiest month of the year.

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