When it comes to surfing, most people would instantly think about an ocean. For me, I think of Hawaii. I think that's mostly because while growing up I'd watch reruns of 'The Brady Bunch' and there was that infamous family trip to Hawaii where Greg wiped out surfing and nearly bit the dust thanks to a cursed tiki necklace! But, I digress.

While surfing on an ocean is the most common, surfing on a Great Lake such as Lake Superior does happen through all months of the year. A glance at Facebook and you'll find groups like the Great Lakes Surfing Association and Great Lakes Surfers where these hard-core surfers can all share photos, tips, and more.

What's the difference between ocean surfing and Great Lakes surfing? According to Humble Apparel Co., ocean waves are primarily caused by offshore storms that then produce waves that ripple through the water and produce waves along the ocean shores, whereas waves on the Great lakes are caused by wind as it blows across the water.

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They add that these Great Lakes winds are often from storms as well and along the northwestern Lake Superior shore in Minnesota, the best waves are typically produced from low-pressure storm systems that create northeasterly winds.

On Wednesday, as most of the region braced for a winter storm that would ultimately create blizzard-like conditions and road closures for parts of the area, Great Lakes surfers saw the storm as an opportunity.

Check out what it's like to be a Great Lakes surfer as a February snowstorm makes its way through the region.

What an extreme experience that must be! If you're wondering what Great Lakes surfers wear during conditions such as this, Humble Apparel Co. says that because Minnesota air temperature can get down into the negative double digits and the water temperature of Lake Superior will get to the low 30s in winter, wearing a thick wet or dry suit with hoods, gloves, and booties are worn to keep warm. There's also the option of wearing a battery-powered heater vest under the wetsuit for additional warmth.

Perhaps we've found our new hobby! Just don't wear a tiki necklace.

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