35 Better Names Than "Olive" For Minnesota and Wisconsin's Epic Winter Storm

Can we talk about the name that the National Weather Service gave to the storm that pounded Minnesota and Wisconsin this week?  Seriously, "Olive" is what we are going with for this one?  I decided that if we can put names on snowplows, we can change the name of this storm that blasted us on February 22nd and 23rd.

Better Names Than "Olive" For Minnesota's Epic Winter Storm

February 22nd and 23rd in 2023 are dates to remember as the time Mother Nature got ticked off at Minnesota. I'm not sure what we did but kids were out of school for days, roads closed, driveways drifted over, and the mad rush to grab last-minute items were the norm.

The name for the storm given by the National Weather Service was "Olive". I thought that name was a bit lame for a storm as massive as we saw so I asked around to see if anyone had a better idea for a name. And boy, they did!

I know a few people are going to complain that the name suggestions don't follow the alphabetical procedure for naming storms.  No need to e-mail me or my boss...here is my response:  This is just for fun.  No need to get all upset because a few names are out of order on the storm alphabet list.  The world is going to keep on spinning while we laugh at these fun storm names people were nice enough to add to the list.  And if your name is Olive, I am sure you are a very nice person, which is exactly why I don't think your name should be associated with a storm that threw down massive amounts of snow and buried our cars.  No one named Olive would do that.  I could see a Bertha doing that though.

Do you have another name idea for Minnesota's epic storm?

I know we have a ton of creative people hanging out on social media who live in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.  So, if you are one of those individuals who have a storm name idea in your mind right now, add it to a list that we are compiling on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

Check Out The Town That Got The Most Snow in Minnesota

I thought about putting a webcam in our yard to do a timelapse of all of the snow but...I forgot.  It was pretty fun watching on social media though all of the creative ways that people were measuring the snow that fell in their yards. I saw posts on Facebook with yardsticks, rulers, and even beer cans. #NotJoking The National Weather Service posted the snow totals from Storm Olive and if you are curious, you can see all of the totals at weather.gov.

Right now, I'm glad that I live in Rochester and not Taunton, Minnesota because that town got 21 inches of snow!

See the interactive map with all of the snow totals for Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin from Storm Olive here.

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Top 10 Items People in Minnesota Stock Up On When They Hear "Storm"

I am pretty sure that as soon as the word "storm" shows up in the forecast, people in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin are just trained to hop in their cars and go to the store. Stocking up on supplies becomes our #1 priority and we shop like we have absolutely nothing in our house to eat. So, we will up our carts with all "the things" and hope we grabbed enough to make it through the storm.

FYI - we will make it through the storm, and some of us will do that with Double Stuffed Oreos. Some of us will not...because the store shelf was empty by the time we got there.

Below are a few of the top items that we grab at the last minute before the storm hits.

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