If you were out shoveling or moving snow today, you KNOW Mother Nature showed her true self with Storm Olive on February 22nd and 23rd.  You might have measured the snow at your place but below are the snow totals for all of Minnesota, including the town that showed an impressive 21 inches of the white stuff!


What Town in Minnesota Had The Most Snow From Storm Olive on February 22nd and 23rd?

I know a bunch of people that were out measuring the snow that fell in their yards.  I saw posts on Facebook and other social media sites with yardsticks, rulers, and even beer cans.  #NotJoking The National Weather Service posted the snow totals from Storm Olive and if you are curious, you can see all of the totals at weather.gov.


Right now, I'm glad that I live in Rochester and not Taunton, Minnesota because that town got 21 inches of snow!

Here are a few of the other impressive snowfall totals throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin according to the National Weather Service:

  • 26 inches - Benoit, Wisconsin
  • 21 inches - Taunton, Minnesota
  • 19 to 20 inches - Apple Valley, Minnesota
  • 18 inches - North Mankato, Minnesota
  • 17.5 inches - Prior Lake, Minnesota
  • 17.1 inches - Savage, Minnesota
  • 16.9 inches - Burnsville, Minnesota
  • 16.7 inches - Faribault, Minnesota
  • 13.5 inches - N. Rochester, Minnesota

See other 2-day totals for Southeast Minnesota here.


Show Us Your Snow Photos From Storm Olive!

I took a ton of photos today of my St. Bernard running and pouncing in the snow.  He didn't sit still very long but I've added a few of his fun photos on the Y-105FM Facebook page.  If you took any photos, I'd love to see them.  Feel free to add and give the page a like as well.  We have a lot of info about the community, do fun polls, and share tidbits from our shows there too.

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