It was May 2nd, 2013, and Southeast Minnesota woke up to so...much...snow! According to The Minnesota State Climatology Office, "Over one foot of snow fell on southeast Minnesota on May 1 through May 3. The storm snarled roads, closed or delayed schools, and downed power lines."


Also messed up? Rec Lanes batting cages. It was May, so they had the netting up and the heavy wet know just messed 'em allll up.

Did it set records? Oh yeah, "Daily and monthly snowfall records were set in numerous locations. The event will go into the record books as depositing Minnesota's heaviest 24-hour May snowfall totals ever." (Source) Rochester picked up 14 inches, but according to the Rochester Post-Bulletin, Dodge Center grabbed 15.4 inches by this morning in 2013. Goodhue got 17.5 inches.

I was living in Idaho then, so I didn't remember the storm until my friend Tod Suhr posted this awesome picture. How'd Todd feel about the MAY storm?

Yeah. It was super gross and angering. Like hulk smash angering

Another great perspective is this time-lapse video from Owatonna.

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