The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is issuing a warning to landowners: Be cautious when buying and planting seed, especially for conservation plantings. Remember in 2016 Palmer amaranth was introduced in Minnesota through conservation seed mixes? Staff from the MDA were in the field with flame throwers to try and eradicate the highly invasive weed. During the investigation the department found that the seed was mislabeled and was sold with very low germination rates. Both of those are violations of Minnesota law.

"Minnesota's seed industry is very important to agriculture and conservation efforts, said Commissioner of Agriculture Dave Frederickson. "We are fortunate to have many reputable native seed producers that benefit conservation and pollinator habitat. However, a few bad players can bring in invasive weeds." Landowners with any questions or concerns should talk with the conservation staff associated with the conservation program. In addition scout the conservation seed when it begins to grow. If a plant looks suspicious. call the MDA's Arrest the Pest line at 888-545-6684 or contact your County Ag Inspector. '