Imagine being out tending to your crops and you find a prosthetic leg in your soybean field. Well, thats what happened to one farmer from Vermont.

According to WCAX 3, double amputee Chris Marckres went for a jump with Vermont Skydiving Adventures in West Addison. During his jump, he lost one of his prosthetics and according to Marckres, his adrenaline was so high he did not realize that he had lost it until AFTER he landed. That is where his since viral post comes in asking for help locating his lost leg.

Lost in West Addison VT
(from 9500 ft)
1 prosthetic leg, identical to this only right side. If any one is interested message me for details. We can meet & organize tomorrow at West Addison General Store (WAGS). I am planning on scanning the hay fields with my drone, but I doubt it will do much in the corn fields or wooded areas.
This is 110% Serious
Not a Joke


With over 1,500 shares on Facebook, Marckes was able to find his prosthetic 100% intact with only minor scratches thanks to farmer Joe Marszalkowski. Marckes was so thankful that he was able to get his prosthetic returned and has since updated his original post with a heartfelt thank you for those who helped!

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