The line of individuals delivering meals to people around Faribault today was longer than I ever recall it being.  I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say hundreds of people volunteer for the yearly event.  It appeared there were plenty of folks in the kitchen.  A number of people waiting on tables.  Another successful Faribault Community Thanksgiving Dinner.

Because of the great numbers I made two trips to four different places and was done in about 90 minutes. Three of the four homes where I delivered gave cash for the meals which I brought back to the Legion and placed in a glass jar.  There is no request for compensation but I have noticed more people giving something in recent years.

Most of the food is donated but the money does help pay for those items that are not and whatever is left over is used to purchase more food for the Faribault Area Food Shelf.

When I finished delivering I took a meal to go myself.  It saves me from having to cook even though I enjoy it and the best part is not having to clean up.

It was scrumptious.  Turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy over both, dressing, choice of beans or corn, dinner roll, cranberries and pumpkin pie.

I still marvel at it all.  No sign up sheets. There are communities in our state that have tried to replicate what Faribault has done successfully for 34 years and have not been able to do it.  Thanks to the hundreds of volunteers.

Julie Fox and Laura McColley take the lead on getting the food and directing volunteers on what needs to be done. They would be the first to tell you without the scores and scores of volunteers the event would not happen.

Fox told KDHL/POWER 96 they counted 835 plates served at the Faribault American Legion.  Another 440 meals were delivered meaning a total of 1275 people had a Thanksgiving meal.

The volunteers were from outside Faribault too.  I visited with people from Kenyon, Morristown, Nerstrand and Medford who assisted with meal deliveries.

Faribault has a huge heart as evidenced by the IRIS Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning and the Community Dinner.  The Relay For Life event to fight cancer in August and scores of other events throughout the year show the heart of the community as well.

That's why I love Faribault and am proud to call it my home.

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