Faribault Police Chief Andy Bohlen told the Faribault City Council during their ZOOM Council meeting this week community support in 2020 has been incredible.

Buckham Memorial Library Director Delane James also publicly thanked the Sandra J. Thomas Estate donation of $18,585 through the Selco Foundation to the Faribault public library.

James said, "The very generous donation will be used for other expenses associated with the plaza project. For some conract assistance and also some of the change orders."

James told the Council, "Sandra J. Thomas was a wonderful library user and we feel incredibly blessed that she would think of the library not only when she was still with us but also her legacy still lives on."

Bohlen talked about two recent gift the Faribault Police Department received.

A $1,500 donation from community member Carolyn Huston.  Bohlen said she was, "Absolutely wonderful resident that came to us independently and said you know what we've partnered up with the State Bank of Faribault and we want to recognize the Faribault Police Department that we support them in this strange 2020 year.  The community has been wonderful."

Bohlen added, "The signs you see around town in people's yards that say we support Faribault Police, that was Carolyn's brainchild."

Bohlen believes the State Bank of Faribault will be making a donation in the spring and said, "That money will go toward some mental health for law enforcement officers.  We have a continual program to kinda help our officers deal with traumatic things they deal with so we are very appreciative."

The other gift came from Barta Machine, LLC in the amount of $15,000.

Bohlen commented, "I had talked toTerry Barta extensively and he said they had been blessed in this community and this area and they wanted to give back to law enforcement.  We're going to use that money for personal protective equipment for law enforcement officers."


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