Kevin Voracek, Faribault Mayor, confirmed today negotiations between the City and Captain John Sherwin of the Rochester Police Department have not been completed.

That's why the Police Chief hiring is not on tonight's Faribault City Council Agenda.  There isn't even a listing of any update on the situation.

Last Wednesday the city held an Open House for the three finalists to become Faribault's next Police Chief.

Andy Bohlen, current Chief is serving until February 25, 2022.  A retirement party open to the public is being planned for February 18. 2022 from Noon to 2:00 p.m. at the Police Department in the training room on the second floor.

The Faribault Police Department building is at 25 4th Street NW.

Mayor Voracek announced last Thursday during the 8:05 a.m. news on KDHL the Council chose Sherwin as their hopeful new chief.

Negotiations were conducted between the city and 24 year Rochester police veteran.

City Administrator Tim Murray told KDHL even if a contract were signed it would not be official until the City Council approves the hiring.

That was anticipated to be tonight but the agenda had no listing of the item.

If salary is the issue the Faribault Police Chief salary is currently $156,187 a year.

The salary range for a Captain in Rochester is $65,401 to $82,851 according to

By law cities with a population over 15,000 people must report the salaries of the top 3 earners in their employment.

In Rochester that includes $195,354 for the General Manager of Rochester Public Utilities.  The City Administrator earns $190,000. Several other department heads are listed at $180,927

In Faribault the top three listed are, City Administrator $173,867.  Chief of Police $156,187.  City Engineer $148,283.

By law the city can not require the new chief to live in the community but Murray told KDHL Sherwin did indicate that was his plan because he loves to fish and, "There are more lakes around Faribault than Rochester," Murray stated.

The Rochester Police Department website lists Sherwin as the Department Support Services Captain with duties including staff development/training, fleet maintenance, records, evidence, planning/technology and communications center.

It appears a special city council meeting might be in order if an agreement can be reached before the next Faribault City Council meeting.


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