At the beginning of the Pandemic, businesses were trying hard to figure out what to do so they could be open and safe at the same time. Rochester, Minnesota's Kwik Trip was no exception, and at the start of it all, removed their Cheese and Chili machines. But times have changed!


Do you see that? It's an actual Nacho Cheese dispenser in a Kwik Trip store I discovered this one in KWIK TRIP #321, right next to the TJMaxx Plaza, David's Bridal, etc.

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The hot cheesy tip came from a store employee, and so, I called around. The Nacho Cheese cheese machines are going back into all the stores here in the nicest part of Minnesota. Just push the button and hear your tortilla chips sing with joy. (or for some real fun, on Dorito's Nacho Cheese...go ahead, I dare you!).

What About the Chili Machines?

Chili Wisconsin Style - Photo by Rabe
Chili Wisconsin Style - Photo by Rabe

When I called I asked about those, too. No, the chili machines aren't going to be back anytime soon. Which, in my opinion, is OK. It was much harder to get chili onto a hot dog, than cheese onto chips. Besides, chili is often in the soup spot.

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