Valentine's is a great day to celebrate a couple's love for each other, but what are the people who have been scorned by love supposed to do on the 'joyous' holiday?

I'll tell ya.

You bring a picture or memento of your ex, put it in The Flask's scorch bin, and get some free mini donuts.

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The Flask in Mankato is hosting the ultimate Scorned Hearts Club get-together this upcoming weekend.

The event will feature loads of free mini donuts, $3 fireball shots, and a special $10 chocolate martini made with Godiva Milk Chocolate Liquor and Bailey's.

What a delicious treat to aid you in forgetting your rotten ex!

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On top of that, there's daily happy hour.

The Flask Happy Hour:



While you're there, you've got to try some of their dynamic food.

Above you can see The Flask's popular firecracker shrimp, and below, you can see some of their street tacos.

The menu has just about everything from wings to burgers to pizza. Of course, the desserts are extra noteworthy.

The previously mentioned mini donuts are divine, but the thing I adore is the adult milkshakes.

The Flask Drink Menu
The Flask Drink Menu

Incidentally, my friends and I plan on visiting The Flask this Friday to celebrate my birthday. I plan to get the Birthday Cake or Goober Ecstasy during my visit. No worries, I will report back on Monday.

Just because you don't have a significant other this Valentine's Day doesn't mean you can't have a grand ole time.

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