Dave Wanberg, City Planner in Faribault was joined by Stacy Boots Camp from the Center for Energy and the Environment on today's KDHL AM Minnesota Program.

Boots Camp is Outreach Manager for the Home Energy Squad which is available to all customers of Excel Energy or Centerpoint Energy in Minnesota.

Wanberg participated in the program at his home and Boots Camp has also experienced savings in her home through the program.

With inflation at soaring levels saving some dollars on your energy bill can help combat some of that impact.

Boots Camp emphasized a homeowner can receive a free Ecobee 3 Lite Smart Thermostat if they are a Excel Energy customer and sign up for their ACE Rewards Program.

A free visit is available if people meet the income guidelines. Those guidelines are listed here.

Wanberg says the community benefits from the savings because homeowners are able to purchase other items from Faribault businesses.  The environment benefits because not as much energy is used and the homeowner benefits due to the cost savings.  A win "all the way around."

Wanberg also informed listeners about some new electric vehicle charging stations coming to downtown Faribault.

They will be located in the city parking lot next to Redemption Restaurant across from the Faribault U.S. Post Office building.

These will be the first public charging stations in the community.

Solar and wind energy were also discussed on the program available for your listening pleasure below.

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