Nort Johnson, Faribault Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism President/CEO was more excited than a winning coach following a national championship game.  Johnson was on KDHL's AM Minnesota program.

Last Friday Johnson was on a panel involved in a ZOOM News Conference giving details about the South Central College H2C (High School to College) Health Sciences Pathways Program.

Today he said, "Just an incredible new asset for Faribault this program that the whole group came together for, nobody did all of the lifting.  Certainly the heaviest lifting was South Central College and Faribault Public Schools but the table had to be set for that project."

"I know we've discussed the seven period day at length and what advantages that seven period day would bring to the Faribault community and to Faribault kids. This is the first of what will be multiple programs that are designed to get kids on a path to success," Johnson added.

The Faribault Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism President/CEO commented, "Whether it's college or it's careers we just know that while we have our arms around our students, while their still in school, let's prepare them in every way that we can. Make sure they have the opportunity to review and sample different career paths. Has you know the big career path right now is health sciences."

Johnson says, "These are nursing degrees, these are assistants and the building blocks for those that want to go beyond those careers."  Johnson pointed out, "These are much needed careers.  We're still four years away from the bubble.  The highest need  for health care workers."

The youngest Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age.

Johnson lit up with a smile saying, "At the Chamber we are incredibly proud to have been part of that.  Actually we're still part of it.  We're helping with the organization of bringing the Allinas and the Mayos to the table for these conversations to help with the curriculum and be advisors so that all of the offerings in the high school and the college are up to date.  They are partnering with industries."

He talked about the 2021 Executive Committee for the Chamber Board of Directors.  They represent a cross-section of business leaders in Faribault and some added diversity reflecting the community.

  • Suzanne Terry, of Ednia Realty Home Services is Board Chair.
  • Jody Long, of Jennie-O-Turkey Store Vice Chair.
  • Keith Kramer, CFO of Harry Brown's Family Automotive is Treasurer.
  • Bart Jackson, of American Family Insurance is Past Chair.

You can listen to the podcast of the show below:


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