Minnesota Governor Tim Walz did release the next phase of openings in the state during a news conference today and swimming pools are on the list.  Fifty percent of capacity is the requirement.

A COVID-19 response plan must also be submitted.  Faribault Parks and Recreation Director  Paul Penansky told KDHL, "I will be meeting with Tim (Murray, City Administrator) Monday to go over what's needed to get the pool open for the remainder of the summer."

Penansky says it takes about two weeks to get the pool ready to go.  The Faribault City Council meets Tuesday night but passed a resolution earlier allowing the City Administrator to make the decision to open services in the community.

I also spoke with a member of the Wanamingo City Council and he told me a regular City Council meeting Monday night will definitely having the opening of the community pool on their discussion list.

The Wanamingo Community Pool is already filled and ready to go.  The City was anticipating June 1 for an opening date.

Kenyon City Council about a month ago said they wanted to open their pool June 1 also so they should be able to open relatively quickly.

Cannon Falls City Council already voted not to open their pool.  They have also discussed the possibility of asking community residents if a new community pool should be built to replace their current facility.

Penansky also told me the Faribault Lakers have not made a request to practice at Bell Field. Practicing is evidently allowed. They would be required to submit a COVID-19 response plan before being able to use the field.

The Governor's opening of some businesses and activities did include allowing for tennis but Penansky said the Governor's administration has labeled baseball and softball "High Contact sports."  Tennis and swimming are not.

Bowling can open to 25% capacity so the FariBowl Center would be allowed to use 4 lanes.

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