This morning I talked with Joshua Stamper with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's Pesticide and Fertilizer Management Division about the dicambia court ruling. I was not aware there was a case moving through the Federal Court System that may take Engenia, FeXapan and XtendiMax off the market. So, I was shocked when I read about the California Federal Court Ruling. Joshua said the Minnesota Department of Agriculture did not see this on the horizon either.

This has left farmers and their agronomists scrambling trying to control weeds in soybean fields using glyphosate and conventional herbicides. The University of Minnesota Extension Service have developed fact sheets and news releases to outline what soybean farmers need to consider. The real issue will likely be availability of conventional herbicides.

Chemical companies project what the demand will be for their different herbicides well before the planting season. Now, thanks to the court ruling there is a huge demand for their herbicides they did not anticipate. Click on the link and listen to Joshua Stamper from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and David Nicolai Extension Educator at the Farmington Extension office discuss the dicambia court ruling and how farmers deal with it.


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