Located in Waskish, Minnesota, Big Bog State Recreation Area is a really cool natural wonder to see. Only in Your State says that Big Bog is actually the largest peat bog in the lower 48 states and definitely something you should check out this summer if you've never been there before. It is way up in northern Minnesota but I think it's worth it!

I've stopped at Big Bog State Recreation Area once before and it really is very cool. There's a boardwalk built on top of the peat bog that it is super long. It's so cool being able to walk on top of a natural wonder that you wouldn't otherwise be able to get this close to.

There are animals all around you while you're on the boardwalk, and cool plants too. There are so many things to look at, I remember when we were there, there were plenty of times that we just stopped and looked around in awe of everything.

Another cool thing you can check out at Big Bog State Recreation Area other than the boardwalk is the super tall fire tower. You'll get a good workout in hiking up to the top and also get to see a great view once you get to the top. You can see for miles while you're up there.

So since many vacation plans for the summer were screwed up because of the pandemic, take the drive up to Big Bog for a day trip to get away for a little while. It's definitely worth it!

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