Holiday travel to the relative's house may be lighter on your wallet this year according to Gasoline price tracker

According to their predictions, the price of gas at the pumps will fall for the first time since 2016. They also predict those prices will not stay low. is saying the price of gas will be right around $2.70 a gallon on the nationwide average.

That is good because according to, when gas prices go up people shop more during the Christmas season, which creates more jobs and growth, food prices come down, farmers make more money because they aren't spending money on fuel. They also say keep an eye on China's relationship with the US.

AAA says prices will drop 25 to 30 cents per gallon of regular gasoline this year.  AAA forecasts a 2019 average around $2.40, down from $2.65 last year. Which is way above what the experts are saying.

Would you travel more by car if gas prices were down?


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