The Faribault Chamber of Commerce Agri-Business Committee will be delivering lunches to farmers that are in the field Wednesday and Thursday. This is the fifth year in a row of low commodity prices. Then, on top of that the weather has made for a very tough growing season with all the rain and delayed planting. So, as a little moral support the Agri-Business Committee lined up sponsors and will take lunches to farmers in the fields.

Committee members were assigned a township in Rice County. Wednesday and Thursday they will drive the township and deliver lunch to any farmers they see in the field. In the picture is our daughter Laura, son in law Mike and their friend Kevin who were out riding their motorcycles Saturday afternoon. They rode out to the farm and brought me lunch while I was combining beans.

It was nice to see them, take 5 minutes to talk and then back to the combine cab to eat my pizza! I don't think Agri-Business members will be delivering lunch on motorcycles?

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