I first saw this big piece of equipment at the North American Farm and Power Show in Owatonna. I was not sure what it was for. That one did not have the black extensions on top. I thought it might have been a manure spreader, then I saw a small door for unloading grain in the back. However, this wagon would not be as convenient as a grain cart. So, I stopped and asked the guys from Northland Farm Systems in Owatonna what it was.

This is a wagon for hauling silage from the field to the bunker silo. The big self-propelled choppers are all-wheel drive and can get through some pretty wet fields. Big trucks or end-dump semi trailers are used to haul the silage from the field to the bunker silo. The trucks do not work well in wet fields. So, you pull this wagon with a big tractor. With the six big tires for flotation, you can get through some very wet field conditions.

Kelly at Northland Farm Systems said they have sold a number of these wagons to custom operators that have a lot of acres of corn to chop. The wagon in the picture will haul as much corn silage as an end-dump semi trailer. It has a big hoist just like a semi end-dump that raises up the front of the trailer to dump the silage in the bunker.

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