I follow a lot of local garage sale pages on Facebook because I'm always looking for a good deal, and I just like to browse through other people's stuff.

It's safe to say that every once-in-awhile I come across something that's just straight up weird and bizarre.

Well, I was on Facebook Sunday night and noticed that Wanda Amundson Haberer listed an item for sale on the Sauk Centre Swap & Shop site and it caught my attention.

She listed an antique chair for $150, which seems pretty normal. But, her description was anything but.

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The listing reads, "Antique rocking Chair. Ever since these two were paired my house hasn't been the same. It's time they have a new home. MUST STAY TOGETHER!"

Alright, what did I just read? I've got so many questions. Is this chair haunted? Where did she get it from? What has been happening in her house since she got this chair?

When you click through the series of photos, you realize that there's a chair and a little clown doll that goes with it. We're not sure why these two items 'MUST STAY TOGETHER!" But, we're freaked. I HATE clowns.

Part of me wants to buy it for the radio station's studio just to see what happens. I read this post before bed and then had trouble falling asleep last night.

There's something painted on the black chair that looks to be a lake scene with a boat in the middle...or a candle. I can't tell.

As you can imagine, I wasn't the only person who saw the post and had questions.

Courtney Marty wrote, "Wait, the clown and the chair have to stay together?"

Luna Nyx said, "That doll is definitely haunted."

We're really not sure what's going on with this chair and its clown doll friend but it's safe to say it's creepy at best. Good luck to Wanda, we hope she can find a new owner and get her home back to normal again.


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