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The Weiskopf family, who are from Minnesota, were vacationing in Miami Beach, Florida when their plans completely changed. Their 9-year-old son, Jay, was attacked by what they estimate to be about a 4-foot long grey shark while he was out body surfing.

WCCO spoke to Jay's parents, Ren and Kristine, about the attack. They said they had so many fun things planned for their vacation in Florida but of course, all of that has changed now. Poor Jay says “'[he] just wants to go home.'"

The shark took a nasty chunk out of Jay's shoulder. Kristine recalled that she was holding Jay's hand while he was out body surfing. At one point she pulled him up out of the water and noticed "'a big chunk of skin missing from his shoulder. And he just said ‘ow’'". That's when she looked down and saw the roughly 4-foot grey shark swimming away. So she scooped Jay up and ran him to shore.

WCCO reports that Miami Beach Fire Rescue was on the beach to help. Jay was then taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital where he had to have surgery to close up the wound. Jay will be ok, the doctors say "his prognosis is good." His parents said that this injury could affect his mobility long-term, though.

Of course, Jay's parents are very glad that nothing worse happened but they aren't pleased that the beach where Jay was attacked is still open.

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