Now at Dairy Queen, we don't have to settle for one Blizzard flavor, we can try three in one trip. DQ recently unveiled Blizzard flights. Yep, just like a beer flight except with Blizzards. But these Blizzard flights are only around until the end of May.

The Blizzard flights come with three mini Blizzards and they're served on a little pallet that looks like a painters pallet. So if something on your bucket list was trying all of DQ's Blizzards now you can do it in fewer trips.

On top of these cute Blizzard flights, DQ also released six new Blizzard flavors for summer and they all sound delicious (duh).

The flavors are:

Caramel Cannonball

Oreo Cookie Jar

Brownie Dough


Cotton Candy

Summer Berry

You can get all six of these in a Blizzard flight too.

Source: Thrillist

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