Each day the first thing I do when I get to the studio is check the weather forecast. Normally I check the markets, but now it is the weather forecast! When the calander says it is May and very corn is planted, farmers anxiety increases day by day! We have all been here before and it goes with the occupation of being a farmer, but it is still tough. I just try and remember it is a long growing season. Just because corn is planted late, it can still produce a very good crop if the rest of the growing season is favorable.

A lot of research has been done on corn yield and planting date. Looking at the historical data from the University of Minnesota, corn yield begins to decline slightly if it is planted after May 10th. However, yields really drop quickly by the last week in May. In addition corn planted the last week of May will likely be 3 to 4 percent higher in moisture than corn planted by May 10th. So, we have some time yet and this growing season could produce a good croon crop. No one said farming was easy.

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