With only an animal tag to go on, a Minnesota police department was able to give an Eagan woman her purse back. That animal tag, is a dog-poop DNA tag, that the dog's owner Kay Flynn had to get to live in her apartment complex. It might be the best $300 she's ever spent. 

"It" happens, and if you own a dog "it" happens a few times a week. "It" can make neighbors not like one another especially if the dog's owner doesn't clean up after the dog is done doing its business. Flynn who lives in an apartment complex in Eagan was, as the Star Tribune called it, "annoyed when she had to pony up more than $300 for a dog tag" that links to her dogs DNA for poop analysis.

Long story short, that doggy poop DNA tag was all Eagan police had after Flynn had left her purse behind at a gas station. Inside the purse, police found cash, jewelry, and the aforementioned tag.

After Eagan police called the number on the back of the tag, they were able to reunite Flynn with her purse.


At least it wasn't a crappy ending.

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