With the trade war with China dragging on farmers are now eligible for another Market Facilitation payment. Sign up began a couple weeks ago at local Farm Service Agency offices. The first Market Facilitation payments were based on your bushels of corn and soybeans that were grown. In this round two the payment is based on the acres of corn and soybeans you farmed. The payment rates vary by county. In our area the payments range from 60 to a little over 70 dollars an acre.

After you sign up you will receive 50 percent of the projected payment. The other 50 percent will be in two payments if the USDA determines they are still necessary. Pork producers and dairymen will also be eligible for a Market Facilitation payment. It will be similar to the first round of payments in that the payment will be determine by how many pigs you had in inventory and how many pounds of milk were produced.

County FSA Directory Gary Kunz said while you can just stop in to sign up for the Market Facilitation payment it would be better if you called ahead. This is especially the case if you have a number of farms or have changed your operation.

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