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Billions, maybe even trillions, of cicadas are coming. Not the cicadas we see and hear every year. I'm talking about periodical cicadas. These have been waiting underground for 17 years to wake up, leave the ground, and find a sweetie pie!

CBS News reported,

Over the next few weeks along the East Coast and Midwest, the cicadas will emerge from the ground, shed their skins and partake in a month-long mating ritual..."It's a pretty big event. I mean, we're talking about trillions of cicadas that are gonna be emerging, singing, calling, finding mates in your backyard," Dr. Jessica Ware, an entomologist at the American Museum of Natural History...(Source)

Do we need to worry about trillions here in Minnesota? According to the University of Minnesota Extension, no. No we do not.

There are two basic types of cicadas:

  • Dogday cicadas (Tibicen spp.) are also called annual cicadas. They are seen every year in Minnesota.
  • Periodical cicadas do not occur in Minnesota. They spend 13 or 17 years as a nymph in the ground and then emerge together in large numbers.

That is really good to know because, trillions of ANYTHING bug makes me get ((makes seen to many bug movies sound)). Will we see the usual noisy but not trillioned cicadas?

U of M Extension - Click for link.
U of M Extension - Click for link.

Yep. Just like every year near the end of summer. Read more about them in this great story...

My wife and I heard it this weekend when we were having some coffee on our deck. It's a sure sound of late-summer here in southeast Minnesota: It's the buzzing of the cicadas. Read More: Cicadas Are Bringing the Buzzing Back in Rochester

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Since we won't be worrying about trillions of cicadas, it's time to get out and eat!

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