When my niece was younger, she was OBSESSED with shoes, especially high heels. Luckily, my mom has tiny feet, so it was easy for my niece to prance around in my mom's shoes. I'm not kidding, the kid could strut.

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Though my niece currently isn't on project runway, YOU could watch other local citizens parade down a runway at Torey's Restaurant and Bar. Styles of Steele is presenting Project Runway: A Spring Fashion Show on Thursday, May 20th.

The doors open at 5 pm. Dinner is served at 5:30, and the fashion show begins at 6. Considering the event is at Torey's, I can assure you the food will be sublime.

Tickets are $30 and are available at Kottke Jewelers, Paffrath Jewelers, and Urban Loft. The tickets include a meal, drink, and a SWAG bag!

I'm not sure what will be in the bag, but I can tell you that I love any event that offers a swag bag! (That's why I loved birthday parties as a kid. Free goody bags? Yes, please!)

The show is hosted by Bellebrooke Boutique, Central Park Coffee, Graif Clothing, Hat Chic Clothing Co., Lilly and Rose Boutique, Owatonna Shoe, Sterling Home, Kottke Jewelers, Paffrath Jewelers, and Urban Loft.

To say it'll be a big production is an understatement. Plus, it is a great excuse to get out of the house and meet up with some old friends.

I may not be very fashion-forward, but I do own nearly every item on this list. That must mean I'm at least a good Minnesotan, right?

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