Southeast Minnesota is expected to have a record-setting weekend of snowfall, which should provide a fun opportunity for snowmobilers to get out and make some tracks. I'm quite jealous of you all, for the record. I guess I'll stick to snowshoeing. Sigh.

But the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is reminding snowmobilers to avoid the booze when operating a vehicle, and they're doing so for a very important reason.

That's after a Minnesota man was recently given a 12.5-year sentence for killing an 8-year-old boy in a snowmobile crash while being intoxicated. The case resulted in a change to Minnesota's drunk driving laws.

So consider this an important reminder if you're planning on making the most of the snow this weekend: Don't drink and drive, no matter what vehicle you're operating. Because as that horrific tragedy shows, the worst case scenario can always have a chance of happening.

Some quick facts:

- Alcohol is a factor in more than 70% of snowmobile-related fatalities in MN
- Because of a new MN law, people convicted of DUI regardless of the vehicle they're driving will lose their driver's license and be prohibited from operating motor vehicles

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