There's a new place to check-in and check your bag for flights on Delta at MSP. This new system should help you get to your gate faster.

On the east side of the departures level, sometimes called the upper east roadway, Delta passengers can now be dropped off there and be able to check-in and check their bags. The desk where you can check-in and check your bags is called skycap. If you're just checking in for a flight that desk is curbside check-in.

Here are directions from MSP News on how to get to this fancy check-in area:

To get to the upper east roadway, drive toward Terminal 1 and stay in the lanes marked for “Departures.” As you drive up the ramp to Terminal 1, take the first left and follow the digital signs that point you to Delta’s check-in service. (See map.)

You will drive past the shared ride (Uber and Lyft) pick up area.

The Delta check-in counter is inside Doors 6 and 7, which are to the left. If you proceed to Door 8, you will find Delta’s curbside check-in service, where a skycap can check your luggage.

After checking their bags, passengers will take an escalator or elevator down to the tram level and go under the roadway to the ticketing lobby for security screening.

Sounds pretty convenient to me! Of course, this option isn't open all the time. Both the check-in and skycap open at 5 AM. The check-in desk is open until 6 PM, skycap is open until 8 PM.

You can check out a map HERE of where all of this is located.

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