March 15, 2019 is the deadline for purchasing or changing your crop insurance policy. My guest on today's AM Minnesota Program will be Ag Analyst Kent Thiesse from Lake Crystal. Kent is my "go to source" when it comes to crop insurance and the USDA Farm Bill. It seems every year there are a few changes to crop insurance that farmers need to consider.

Crop insurance decisions are a little more complicated this year because of the new Farm Bill. Congress passed a new Farm Bill and President Trump did sign it into law. However, because of the partial Federal Government shutdown the USDA has not gotten the rules to implement the Farm Bill finished. There is still a lot we do not know about the new Farm Bill.

It gets a little dicey because some decisions we make on crop insurance depend on if we sign up for ARC county or PLC in the new Farm Bill. That is why it is very important to work closely with your local crop insurance agent!


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