A semi-driver from Mississippi delivering a load of Styrofoam sheets in Faribault was arrested for suspected DWI after crashing his truck into the notoriously low 7th Street railroad bridge last week.

Image Credit: The Point After / Faribault Police
Image Credit: The Point After / Faribault Police

While I am unsure of an exact number, I would think it's safe to say the 7th Street railroad bridge gets dinged once a month, and generally speaking other than creating a mess on the road, damage to the vehicle, and often times a quick detour for commuters is no worse for wear. Last week on October 26th Faribault Police responded to a call about a semi hitting the railroad bridge deck that runs over 7th Street.

According to this week's The Point After publication from the Faribault Police, that's when things got interesting.

A semi carrying Styrofoam sheets squeaked under, but not before damaging the windscreen of the tractor and nearly sliding the sheets off the trailer. During investigation, the driver, a 47-year-old male from Mississippi, was arrested for DWI. After initially denying drug use, the driver eventually admitted to having smoked methamphetamine the prior night. Formal charges are pending the blood test results.

Not only does the bridge take a licking and keep on ticking, but it's also now assisting local law enforcement catch suspected impaired drivers.

It's really mindboggling that Faribault seems to have to continually deal with semi's hitting the bridge, as there are bright yellow signs and flashing lights that indicate the bridge crossing 7th Street has a low clearance.

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