Ah, young love: flirting in the form of teasing, gathering the courage to ask a crush out as your friends make fun of you, holding hands after school, slow dancing with "enough room for the Holy Ghost" ... and, of course, first kisses. Just about everyone looks back on those memories and laughs -- or, if we're being honest, cringes a little bit.

Our friends over at Taste of Country got many a country star talking about first kisses -- and if you think it was only your own first kiss that was incredibly awkward, rest assured, that couldn't be farther from the truth. Everyone from Kip Moore to Granger Smith went through it, too (celebrities: they're just like us!) -- except maybe Lindsay Ell. Her first kiss actually sounds pretty cute.

Press play on the video above to watch Joe Nichols, LoCash, the Swon Brothers and more recall their first kisses. We guarantee that at least one of their experiences was more awkward than your own!

Pucker Up! Country Stars' Cutest Kisses:

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